The year was 1991 – The place was Athens, Georgia. I was looking for a diamond in the rough.
I leaned against the bar, striking my best cowboy pose, and hoped to catch her eye.
Without much remorse, she shoved me out of my cowboy pose, disturbing my delicate balancing act. “Hey, do you think you can get away with that?” I said, half choking as I looked up to see the most stunning woman in the world.
Within moments, I discovered she has a wonderful light-hearted personality. Which meant one thing: I couldn’t let her get away.
The long haul. Somehow, I pushed aside the lump in my throat and got her number.




The plan was to have a girls night out, not to meet my future husband. My plan was about to change.
In fact, I didn’t even see his cowboy-pose-thing. But I was thirsty, so I, you know, pushed him aside a bit.
But this wasn’t the typical beer and whiskey smell. It was a chemical smell. Chemicals? Turns out, it was fixer solution from the darkroom. It took me 10 years to get used to that smell, but then digital came along… I actually miss it now…
He was from Michigan. To this southern girl, that was a foreign land. But this boy was different…the absolute best kind of different.
The long haul. He was funny and got all my movie references. He was a keeper.


Robin and I bring a lot to your event. I bring the cameras and wisdom from two decades in newspaper photojournalism. Robin brings joy, laughter, attention to detail, light poles, strobe lights, heel pads and Red Bulls. The joy and laughter are always with us because when she’s not at your wedding she is  writing romantic comedies and kids books. 
I just need some space
I began my career at the Marion Chronicle-Tribune  in Indiana before moving on to the Athens Daily News and then The Atlanta Journal/Constitution,  eventually settling down in San Luis Obispo at The Tribune. Along the way, I’ve won numerous state, regional, and national awards for my photography. I’ve been published in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, In Touch and Der Spiegel magazines. My work has also been in some of the larger dailies like The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.
 I just need some space
We were married at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico. One child and two Labrador retrievers later,
we now live on the Central Coast in California. We’ve made a pact to never leave here—it’s paradise.
I just need some space
 My work slowly evolved and turned to weddings when, in 2007, I discovered the The Wedding Photojournalists Association.  and realized that what I was seeking in journalism could also be found in your wedding day.

I just need some space